Bacterial Pesticidal Protein Database

Mpp : Pesticidal proteins with homology to the Etx_Mtx2 family

Name Oldname Othername Accession Number Year Fasta Sequence
Mpp2Aa1 Mtx2 AAC44105 1996 Download
Mpp2Aa2 Mtx2 U47300 1996 Download
Mpp2Aa3 Mtx2 U47299 1996 Download
Mpp2Aa4 Mtx2 U47301 1996 Download
Mpp2Aa5 Mtx2 U47302 1996 Download
Mpp2Aa6 Mtx2 U41822 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa1 Mtx3 AAB36654 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa2 Mtx3 U42329 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa3 Mtx3 U42330 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa4 Mtx3 U42331 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa5 Mtx3 U42332 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa6 Mtx3 U42333 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa7 Mtx3 U42334 1996 Download
Mpp3Aa8 Mtx3 U42335 1996 Download
Mpp4Aa1 Mtx4 ACA42387 2008 Download
Mpp5Aa1 Sip1Aa1 ABC71340.1 2006 Download
Mpp15Aa1 Cry15Aa1 34KDa AAA22333 1992 Download
Mpp23Aa1 Cry23Aa1 AAF76375 1997 Download
Mpp33Aa1 Cry33Aa1 NT40KD AAL26871 2000 Download
Mpp38Aa1 Cry38Aa1 ET75 AAK64559 2001 Download
Mpp45Aa1 Cry45Aa1 BAD22577 2004 Download
Mpp45Ba1 Cry45Ba1 Parasporin 4 WP_029440439 2014 Download
Mpp46Aa1 Cry46Aa1 Parasporin 2 BAC79010 2003 Download
Mpp46Aa2 Cry46Aa2 BAG68906 2008 Download
Mpp46Ab1 Cry46Ab1 BAD35170 2004 Download
Mpp51Aa1 Cry51Aa1 ABI14444 2006 Download
Mpp51Aa2 Cry51Aa2 ADK94873 2010 Download
Mpp60Aa1 Cry60Aa1 ACU24782 2009 Download
Mpp60Aa2 Cry60Aa2 Cry15Aa EAO57254 2005 Download
Mpp60Aa3 Cry60Aa3 Cry15Aa EEM99278 2009 Download
Mpp60Ba1 Cry60Ba1 ADE27985 2010 Download
Mpp60Ba2 Cry60Ba2 ZP_00738423 2010 Download
Mpp60Ba3 Cry60Ba3 Cry15Aa EEM99279 2009 Download
Mpp64Aa1 Cry64Aa1 Parasporin 5 BAJ05397 2010 Download
Mpp64Ba1 Cry64Ba1 AGT29559 2013 Download
Mpp64Ca1 Cry64Ca1 AGT29560 2013 Download
Mpp74Aa1 Cry74Aa1 WP_029440438 2014 Download
Mpp75Aa1 Cry75Aa1 ASY04853 2017 Download
Mpp75Aa2 Cry75Aa2 ASY04852 2017 Download
Mpp75Aa3 Cry75Aa3 ASY04851 2017 Download

* not released