Bacterial Pesticidal Protein Database

Gpp : Pesticidal proteins with homology to the aeGerolysins, e.g. those previously known as Cry34

Name Oldname Othername Accession Number Year Fasta Sequence
Gpp34Aa1 Cry34Aa1 AAG50341 2000 Download
Gpp34Aa2 Cry34Aa2 ET74 AAK64560 2001 Download
Gpp34Aa3 Cry34Aa3 AAT29032 2004 Download
Gpp34Aa4 Cry34Aa4 AAT29030 2004 Download
Gpp34Ab1 Cry34Ab1 AAG41671 2000 Download
Gpp34Ac1 Cry34Ac1 AAG50118 2000 Download
Gpp34Ac2 Cry34Ac2 ET79 AAK64562 2001 Download
Gpp34Ac3 Cry34Ac3 AAT29029 2004 Download
Gpp34Ba1 Cry34Ba1 ET80 AAK64565 2000 Download
Gpp34Ba2 Cry34Ba2 AAT29033 2004 Download
Gpp34Ba3 Cry34Ba3 AAT29031 2004 Download

* not released